Lacey: Stafford Township Councilman George Williams, and NJ Freedom Fighter Alya Wolf join with Lacey’s Lakeside Diner to push back against Murphy’s executive order.

There was a freedom rally in the parking lot of The Lakeside Diner on Lacey Road in Lacey today. Dozens of residents and local supporters waved their flags and held up signs to stand in solidarity with owner Brian Brindisi’s decision to violate Governor Murphy’s executive order that prohibits indoor dining.

The Lakeside Diner offers both inside and outside seating. Inside, masks are optional. Spacing is also set between tables allowing for 6 feet social distancing. Temperature checks are taken upon entry, and staff are wearing masks.

So far, Brindisi has been charged with 10 violations, and Ocean counties Sheriff Deputies have changed the locks on the doors overnight. Brindisi said “I’m taking this virus seriously, but on the other hand, I’m also taking my business seriously.”

Among the crowd of people waving at beeping passing cars, was Stafford Township Councilman, George S. Williams.

Williams, when asked why he attended the rally, he said “We didn’t mind sitting for fifteen days to flatten the curve for everyone but, the Governor (Governor Murphy) is trampling on our constitutional rights, by determining what can and can’t be open.”

While Williams acknowledges the danger of the CoronaVirus, he insists that “We can’t have an economic collapse along with a health crisis.” As of noon, Williams was the only elected official present. I asked him what concerned citizens can do to change the Governor’s mind. “Come out and hold signs and flags, but more importantly, hold your local politicians, mayors, council representatives, freeholders, and hold congressman’s feet to the fire.” He challenged other elected officials to join him and said “once some people get elected, a large majority of these people are content on where they are at, and they don’t want to continue to help the people.”

Williams is an outspoken Trump supporter. He began his political career by volunteering for the Trump campaign in 2015. He and business partner Chris Molla, recently organized a pro Law enforcement/ Pro Trump Boat Parade in Barnegat Bay. The event attracted over 1200 boats. Another Parade is scheduled for September 5th at 10 a.m to support law enforcement officers and veterans at the mouth of the Toms River.

Another notable person in attendance was freedom fighting activist, Ayla Wolf.

Wolf says, “ Brian and his wife, the owners of Lakeside diner, are true American heroes. They are heroes for New Jersey and heroes for the country. They have been open for quite some time and the people of Ocean county support them, love them and are loyal to them. They opened with above and beyond safety protocols even though opening in New Jersey indoor restaurants has been deemed against the executive order. Small businesses cannot survive in New Jersey with the governor breaking the back of The American dream. The governor’s executive orders are criminal, and they are killing New Jersey and we need more heroes who are business owners to stand up and open against the tyranny of this dictator. We will all stand with Brian at Lakeside diner just as we stood with every other business owner that would probably open and just as we stand with every peaceful respectful protester since March. We stand with every patron who is brave enough to go to these businesses we stand with every warrior who is brave enough to stand out them and quiet solidarity we stand with every citizen that feels his duty and obligation is to come and defend business owners like Brian people exit exercising their First Amendment right like me and all the Warriors that come to Trenton come to point Pleasant that come to Middletown that burnt mess in front of Murphy’s house that far in December to keep our religious exemption. We need to stand together fight together and save New Jersey from the murderous Murphy who is decided he was going to kill the state and the economy not because he has any scientific basis to his criminal executive orders but because he’s decided that he has an agenda to keep us locked down and in fear until the election and a vaccine comes and he can mandate it or prevent us from doing anything without a certificate of vaccination. We all know that he wants to keep the fear at an all-time high because he does not want in person elections. And if he opens restaurants and gyms that he’ll have to let elections happen in person. This is about stealing an election, this is about Instituting mandates like vaccines and certificates or vaccination and moving us to a cashless society. The business owners are only collateral damage, and the virus is only a tool to get to this end.”