Ocean County Scanner News and RaisingNinjaBaby have partnered together for a live-stream broadcast of the GEORGE FLOYD protest happening in Freehold New Jersey at the intersection of 9 and Schenk Rd.

The protest is supposed to last from 1pm till 6-7pm. We are live-streaming the NJ DOT Webcam on the corner and cannot currently change where the camera points. We will be trying to introduce radio traffic from Freehold PD as the day progresses.

George Floyd Protest, Freehold, New Jersey – Live Stream on Youtube. Video can also be seen directly on YouTube Here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nvPeQVQtgqw

This stream is done in collaboration between RaisingNinjaBaby (https://raisingninjababy.me) and Ocean County Scanner News (OCSN https://ocscanner.news )