Manchester: The hunt for Craig Orler continues. Manchester PD is asking for the public’s help to assist in locating Mr. Orler. Currently Manchester PD, OC Sheriff, and the NJSP Helicopter are searching the Heritage Mineral (ASARCO) tract with hopes to locate him. Craig Orler is considered to be armed with a handgun, and has made statements that he will not be returning to prison. Also noted was his affiliation with known white supremacist groups. The suspect also has a long rap sheet and has been in trouble with the law multiple times in the past.

The official Manchester PD Press Release is below:

Manchester Township NJ – On Wednesday, May 20, 2020, at approximately 9:51 am, officers from the Manchester Police Department attempted to conduct a motor vehicle stop to apprehend 43 year old, Craig Orler of Jolson Court Manchester, on the strength of multiple arrest warrants for charges including Burglary and Theft. During the attempted motor vehicle stop, Mr. Orler fled the scene and was last seen in the area of Northampton Boulevard and the entrance to the ASARCO (Heritage Minerals) property. Mr. Orler is described as a white male, approximately 6 feet tall, 170 pounds, wearing a black baseball hat, black jacket and tan colored pants.

The Manchester Police Department is seeking assistance from the public with locating Mr. Orler. Anyone with information regarding Mr. Orler’s whereabouts is requested to contact the Manchester Police Department at 732-657-6111 or to use the Manchester Police Department’s anonymous tip line @