We are hearing reports of tons of workers laid off or furloughed from their jobs. Naturally everyone is filing for unemployment through the horrible state system. One local man has been trying to get through for days using multiple phones in his possession. With all the resources available, why are we adding the stress of an outdated and broken filing system to our residents lives? Please New Jersey- Fix the unemployment filing system to enable our own residents to get the help they need. This is unacceptable- the stories we’re seeing and hearing from our own just to get through.

Yes we all know the amount of claimants is multiplying by the day, but surely now’s the time to hire more people or make the user interface more friendly. Anyone who has had to file for unemployment benefits knows what a disaster the process is even when the economy is good.

Anyway OCSN friends- share your frustrations and successes here. Maybe Governor Murphy will pay attention!