First off, we want to welcome all our new followers who have joined the page over the last month. We hope you’re happy and want you to feel welcome here. The staff here at Ocean County Scanner News wish to address the public comment section of our Facebook page.

Ocean County Scanner News (OCSN) does NOT necessarily endorse, support, or agree with ANY comments made by the public. Just because we permit comments on our articles doesn’t mean we share the same views. The way our Facebook page is set up doesn’t allow us to turn off comments for specific articles. We also have traditionally avoided a strict moderation/censorship policy as we believe in allowing people to express themselves. This Facebook page is open to people 17 and older, so we generally allow adults to comment as they wish.

In light of recent articles published, we need to be more active in moderation of Facebook comments. Traditionally we have kept a minimal moderation policy in regards to comments. We understand tensions are high during this Coronavirus outbreak, and people are pissed off at various news articles we publish. There is nothing wrong with expressing personal views, but we need to prohibit hate and violent speech. Anyone posting hateful or violent comments will have their comments deleted. Continued abuse of our comment section will result in a temporary or permanent ban.

Thank you for understanding, and we appreciate the continued support from everyone. We simply ask that everyone behaves a little better.