Today (March 25th, 2020) OCSN was alerted to a video of a “Corona Band”. The video (embedded below) was posted to Facebook by Megan Simonson and had over 14,000 views at the time of publishing this post.

On the off chance, that the video is removed when you go to look at it, it shows 8 individuals (at least two are young minors) on a flatbed utility trailer playing music on instruments while being towed behind a dark colored ford truck with red and white markings, and red + blue emergency lights.

Megan Simonson – These ppl are driving around Lakewood calling themselves “The Corona Band” 🤣🤣🤣

The video shares a start resemblance to the “block party” video we received last night, but in that video the band was stationary with people appearing to be congregated around them, and vehicle blocking the road.

Have you heard the Corona Band Playing? Would you like them to visit your neighborhood? Do you know anything more about them? Let us know!