We are currently in a time of much turmoil. Adults are grinding their teeth worried about the health of themselves and their families, Kids aren’t able to get socialization they are used to at school, or even at the park. It’s going to take a toll on the mental health of every individual for one reason or another, even if you aren’t afraid of the virus.

So one thing I have sought to do with my child, is to make sure that he does not sit inside glued to a screen all day and to make sure he gets enough outdoor time even if we can’t go to the park.

Just yesterday we spent some time outside doing “art class” on the sidewalk. We tried, and failed at using a large sidewalk-chalk spiral-doodle art set, but just went wild with the sidewalk chalk in general.

We use a re-ward system and have had to clean out items like “go to castle park” or “go to the library” as rewards, but we are adding in new items for replacement. We have found he’s interested in returning to finger paint at home, and other in-home crafts. And as always, playing with the Lego Bricks is always a big reward.

Some parents, have taken to using YouTube videos of various rides to create a “virtual trip” to Disney World, while others have taken to create Nature Scavenger Hunts for their kids.

So if you can, keep it light hearted. Try to keep som “fun” in your kids days, and let them know it will be O.K.

But please, still remind them to cover their mouths when they cough, and how to properly wash their hands.


P.S. I embedded some drone footage of our art class below.

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