The report has arrived to the OCSN News Desk for Toms River’s January 2020 overdoses. This month we have 19 reported overdoses scattered about the town. There are some familiar locations showing up, and some new ones like the DMV. Read below and the picture is the actual report from TRPD. Amazingly there aren’t any convenience stores that made the cut this month.

  1. 1911 NJ 37 East (Residence)
  2. Roberts Mobile Home Park (Residence)
  3. Gulfstream Way (Residence)
  4. Mercer Drive (Residence)
  5. 910 Hooper (Former Subway)
  6. Community Medical Center
  7. 1341 US 9 (Nationwide Automotive)
  8. Ocean County Court House
  9. Winteringham Village
  10. Hampton Garden Apartments
  11. Alpen Lane (Residence)
  12. Hancock Drive (Residence)
  13. 2 NJ 37 West (Crossroads Shopping Center)
  14. Park Manor Apartments
  15. Northstream Drive (Residence)
  16. Second Avenue (Residence)
  17. Red Cedar Street (Residence)
  18. Silverton DMV
  19. Red Cedar Street (Residence)

  20. TROD_January2020