In recent news the controversial Facebook page Rise Up Ocean County was removed last week. This is the second time the Facebook page has been taken down by Facebook, and all indications show it might be gone for good. They do operate a backup page, but nowhere near the 19,000 followers they once had.

The good news is they have a website that is still up to communicate their message with their followers. Below is their latest press release.

Click HERE for RUOC Website

We’re ALMOST There

February 7, 2020

So who likes the new logo?

If you find yourself missing reading Facebook posts about basement businesses, political corruption, the shenanigans of Dr. Rich Roberts or the strategy now being deployed against Jackson by Agudath Israel and developers, HAVE FAITH!  They’ll all be back and then some.

As you might imagine, when Facebook unpublished our page we were heartbroken…for about five minutes.  Then we charted our path forward and began the process of putting the pieces in place that will ultimately lead us to an even stronger position than we had before.  It has been an exhaustive couple of days but we know that nearly 19,000 people have come to depend on us and we will not let you  down.

To the literally thousands of you who have emailed or messaged and the hundreds who have called to lend your support, thank you.  Truly, we got knocked down pretty hard and knowing that you were there to pick us up, dust us off and send us back into battle means the world to us.

To the media outlets that extended the courtesy of speaking with us before going to publication, thank you too.  You all ROCK and as promised, our door will always be open to you going forward.  To those that ran the damning headlines without extending that courtesy, NO SOUP FOR YOU!  Ever.

As of this writing, Facebook has still not replied to our appeal, an appeal that they invited us to file, so we are proceeding under the assumption that our beloved open page will not be returning.

As many of you have discovered, Rise Up Ocean County-Private Group is still alive and well.  There are roughly 4,000 members with quite a few member requests pending.  We originally formed that group in the event that Facebook ever did take down the open page so we are grateful for having taken that step.

The private group is private for now.  That means that only members and admins can see or share the content and content that is shared can only be seen by members.  In short, it’s a closed environment.  Members are free to comment but it should be understood that in the group there are “moles”.  Of course they can only be “moles” if we don’t know they are there, otherwise they are just members of the group so, there’s that.

On Monday it is our intention to change the privacy setting to “open” which will make the page searchable, visible and joinable for all.  As an open group, admins will still have to approve member requests to join and there is one major difference between this group and our previous page…at least for the time being, all comments will be scrutinized by an admin before they post.  When you click post, it will immediately land in our in box, we will read all comments and decide whether or not they are approved for public viewing.  The goal is to ensure that the group remains spotless so that we need spend no time defending our group and rather can spend our time defending Ocean County.

PLEASE continue to share the BLOG POST, not the Facebook post.  All of our information, videos etc will originate on the website blog and then will be shared in the Facebook post.

How long will it take us to build the group back to 19,000?  Maybe a week, maybe a month, maybe never.  What you must know is that we took Facebook’s actions against us personally.  Upset has changed to anger and anger has now transitioned into resolve.  Ocean County needs a hero and we are absolutely committed  to leading that charge regardless of how many members we have on a Facebook page or if we have a Facebook page at all.

Over the weekend we will finalize the fine tuning in the Facebook group as well as on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and the website.  Monday morning we are reemerging in a big way, please be patient until then.

Finally, special thanks to Agudath Israel, the ADL, Michael Cohen, Keith Kaplan, Rabbi David Rosenthal, Ben Kopciel, Donovan Whateveryournameis, Hindy Bertram and the rest of our fan club members.  Your chest pounding celebration and victory lap are coming to an end.  In the immortal words of Flounder in the movie Animal House, THIS IS GONNA BE GREAT!

Hugs and Kisses!