According to Little Egg Harbor Township PD, they responded two the area of Lake Winnipesaukee Drive in reference to a dog bite. Upon arrival they found a 69 year old female, and a 40 year old male with multiple dog bits, and witnessed three dogs, referenced as “well known to the officers” terrorizing residents and biting a total of 6 residents.

Furthermore, in the past 4 months, these same dogs have gotten free on at least 7 occasions and bitten a total of 12 victims. At one point the dogs were turned over to animal control, and yet the owner managed to regain custody.

Thanks to the valiant efforts of the Little Egg Harbor Police Department, these dogs are yet again in the custody of Animal Control and have vowed to do anything they can to ensure they are not returned to their owner, or allowed to menace the neighborhood in the future.

Video of the incident can be seen below, ad we have also embedded a copy of the LEHPD Facebook Post.

On Monday February 3rd at approximately 2:15pm Little Egg Harbor Police responded to the area of Lake Winnipesaukee Drive in reference to a dog bite. Upon arrival, officers found a 69 year old female and a 40 year old male with multiple dog bites and three loose dogs who were well known to our officers and residents of the area. Over the course of the next hour, officers and residents frantically attempted to contain the animals as they continued to terrorize the neighborhood. A total of 6 residents were bitten. On at least 7 occasions in the last 4 months, Little Egg Police have responded to calls regarding these dogs. In total we count at least 12 bite victims, and unconfirmed reports of others. The owner of these animals had been issued multiple summonses in relation to these prior incidents. On December 10th 2019, after one such incident, the dogs were removed by animal control and remarkably, returned to the owner at some point. Again yesterday, our officers were eventually able to contain the animals and turn them over to animal control without further endangering residents of the neighborhood. These officers should be lauded for their efforts. We would like to extend our sympathies to the victims and all of the residents of that neighborhood. Yesterday’s events were horrific, and nobody should live in fear of allowing their children to play outside, walk down the street or simply get the mail. The Little Egg Harbor Police Department will do everything in its power to ensure these dogs are never returned and allowed to menace this neighborhood in the future. This is an active investigation, and we will keep the community apprised of its resolution. Thank You to the residents who assisted yesterday, and thank ALL OF YOU for your continued support!

Little Egg Harbor Township Police Department (via Facebook)