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Pier 1 is planning to close roughly half its stores as it struggles to stay afloat amid years of falling sales.

The company hasn’t yet released a full list of the 450 stores it plans to close. But within the last several days, it has erased more than 260 stores spanning 43 states from its website, according to an analysis by Business Insider that relied in part on data from the research firm AggData.

There is strong evidence that Pier 1 is planning to close the stores that were wiped from its website.

Business Insider contacted 20 of the stores from the list at random, and employees at each location confirmed they would close. Many of the deleted locations were advertising clearance sales online in the days before they disappeared, and local news outlets have also reported closings at more than two dozen stores on this list.

Pier 1 declined to comment on the list of deleted stores. Here’s the full list, with links to indicate stores that local media outlets have also identified as closing.

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Below are the stores in New Jersey that are slated to close: