Just an update on this vaccine bill that is coming to vote on Monday here in NJ. The objection to this legislation is NOT a vaccine versus anti-vaccine battle; it’s a matter of personal choice over government overreach. NJ Government has already stripped gun owners of their rights, and they want to do the same to parents. Read the fine print and make yourself educated about what is actually going to get passed. It is far more reaching than simply eliminating religious exemption. This is simply a way to force parents to get every vaccine that comes down the line that pharmaceutical companies can create. Imagine being forced to inject HPV, Ebola, or AIDS vaccines into your or your child’s body as per NJ law. If you refuse, your only option is to home-school your child. Again, vaccines are good (we enjoy not having Polio) and this fight isn’t to eliminate existing vaccine requirements. This law is overreaching and needs to be killed. We NEED to keep the government from encroaching more and more into our daily lives. Please educate yourself before making comments.

The vaccine bill fight is not over. We need to stand strong as the government is trying to take away our rights. In case you don’t fully understand what’s going on, allow me to explain some MAJOR red flags surrounding this legislation:

  • There were thousands of adults and kids outside in Trenton protesting this bill on Monday and there was NO MEDIA COVERAGE-not a coincidence
  • There are already bills introduced to add more vaccines to the mandatory list so don’t even think it’s going to stop here- this includes HPV, a sexually transmitted disease, that they want to inject into children even if the parents are both negative
  • Sweeney has flat out said he’s going to pass this bill regardless of how many people oppose- so the thousands of people protesting mean nothing to him (hmm wonder how much money he’s received from pharmaceutical companies)
  • The VICP (vaccine injury compensation program) is a GOVERNMENT PROGRAM that gives money to those INJURED BY VACCINES- even though they keep assuring us that vaccines are safe
  • Vaccine inserts warn of death as a side effect. While this may be included in just about every medication, no one can ever FORCE you to take it- unless this bill is passed and then there will be no option to decline
  • There is a new vaccine approved for use in 2020 called VAXELIS. It’s a 6-in-1 vaccine in which 6 INFANT DEATHS WERE REPORTED (1, 2, 10, 42, 44, and 49 days post injection) yet it was still approved for use, and will likely be added to the mandatory list
  • The pharmaceutical companies have NO LIABILITY for their products. If an adverse reaction does happen, the government may issue compensation if they deem it necessary, but the company has NO RESPONSIBILITY for their OWN PRODUCT
  • On 12/12 the vote was not going to pass the Senate Health Committee so 3 of the members that were going to vote no were replaced by Sweeney with 3 that would vote yes so that the bill would be voted through
  • On 12/16 the vote passed the assembly and moved onto the senate. The bill was later pulled because they didn’t have enough votes to pass. They will try again and need it to pass before January 13th or they will need to start from the beginning. They are waiting until people lose interest to try and push it though when no one is paying attention
  • Doctors will only be allowed to have 5 exemptions per year. In California they have this law so doctors don’t allow ANY exemptions because how would you choose out of all of your patients only 5 that may be exempt
  • If your doctor happens to agree that you should not receive a vaccine, a government health official must approve the exemption. So even if YOUR DOCTOR advises no vaccine, the government can still force you to get it

KEEP FIGHTING. KEEP CALLING. KEEP EMAILING. KEEP FAXING. We need to let the government know that they CANNOT take away our rights to choose what goes into our bodies. This is not a pro/anti vaccine debate. This is about our rights that are in danger. The government wants to decide what gets INJECTED into your child’s body- not you and not their doctor. THIS IS JUST WRONG.

Please share! The more informed people are, the more people will be willing to fight!

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