It appears that the controversial Facebook page and website Rise Up Ocean County has returned to the universe. As per their most recent post, they were under attack and had to take the page down. Please read below the excerpt from their Facebook page.

“Weeeeeee’re Baaaaaaack! Please read this post in its entirety and share it, it’s REALLY important.

At 2:30am we began receiving notifications that our Facebook page was under a coordinated attack, not amateurish at all. At 3:00am we made the decision to unpublish the page thereby rendering the attack harmless and since then we have taken a defensive posture, we’ve done our best to prepare for more and, well, here we are. In a war (figuratively speaking), and make no mistake about it that is exactly what we are in, there are battles that you will win and battles that you must fall back, regroup and then go back on the offensive. We have always been about the big picture.

Yes it is 4:15pm and full disclosure, we were ready to go by 10:00am but we were enjoying the opposition response to our page being “taken down” SO much that we had to just let them continue slobbering all over one another. For those who have not seen any of it, describing the haters reaction as euphoric is an understatement. The WhatsApp chat groups lit up like a Christmas tree, the fan pages have been carrying on all day about how proud that they are of themselves and a collective sigh of relief could be heard coming from the Lakewood Va’ad. Did we choose 4:15pm intentionally? YOU BET, Shabbos begins in about 10 minutes and then the haters in the orthodox community (there really aren’t that many) can all spend the next 27 hours licking their wounds.

No doubt seeing this post is going to be devastating for some of you so if you are really struggling, please call 1-800-273-8255, the National Suicide Prevention Hotline.

To the hundreds of you that emailed your support and to the many of you that have been all over Facebook expressing your dismay, we love you. To those of you who have now shown your true colors and jumped on the hater bandwagon, right after we are done laughing at you, you may rest assured that we will find your little piece in the puzzle that is the criminal enterprise that we now pursue and you too will be exposed.

You may have received an invitation to join the FAKE RUOC page. Don’t fall for it. Unless the page has 18,000 followers, it’s FAKE, that’s how you can tell the difference. Oh, and we tell the truth, they don’t.

Do please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with our website, Also follow us on Instagram here: or RiseUpOceanCounty and Twitter here: or @riseupoc. We will be far more active on those three platforms in the coming days.

Again thank you for your continued support, you all rock! You can rest assured that we will continue our investigative efforts and always share with you the results. Big stuff coming in the next few weeks…”