Well it’s the New Year and that means time for fireworks and food trucks . Tuckerton Seaport had their annual event Food Trucks and Fireworks . They have a few food trucks there ranging from Cupcakes to Pizza cones to Cuban food plus craft beer . Who isn’t a fan of food trucks and fireworks . Well we decided to try one of the food trucks . Oh boy were we Not disappointed . The truck / company is called Chanks pizza cones . They didnt have much of a variety for cones ( plain cheeses , pepperoni , buffalo ) and a few other side dishes . But for the price and quality ,taste and everything else it was very good . We got the pepperoni pizza cone . So for a food truck pizza it was very good all around. The sauce wasn’t overwhelming nor was the cheese or pepperoni everything was proportioned just right . The taste of the sauce was by far one of the beat pizza sauces we have ever tasted . We are fools for pizza possibly part Ninja Turtle, that’s how much we love pizza . Now we also tried tired the cupcakes by House of Cupcakes . They were winners of food TV’s cupcake wars . They had about a dozen or so different flavors of cupcakes . We decided to try the lemon and peanutbutter cupcakes . They both were very good . Flavor , size , texture and price was very good . We have zero complaints about the food or cupcakes .