FINAL UPDATE – 8:15 pm: 23 year old Lakewood resident Nathan Sanders was charged criminally and released from custody. During the investigation, it was learned that while at Climb Zone (adjacent to XSCAPE), Mr. Sanders lit off the fireworks while a friend was proposing marriage. There was no intent to cause panic to theatre patrons. Obviously this was a very poor decision rather than an overt act.
We thank Lakewood Police Department and Jackson Police Department for their quick response. We are also appreciative of the patrons for reacting quickly and by directing the officers to the theaters they thought were involved.

UPDATE – 6:20 pm: Male suspect under arrest.

UPDATE: Theatre has been cleared by Howell, Lakewood and Jackson Police. No victims. No shots were fired. The manager confronted a male subject who lit fireworks outside the theatre. Officers have found the remnants of discharged fireworks.
Callers inside the theatre called 9-1-1 believing shots were being fired.
The investigation is continuing and a search is under way for the suspect(s).
Please contact us if you have any information.

We are currently on scene after reported shots were fired inside the theatre. Patrons are being evacuated and being detained until we determine what is occurring. There are no victims at this time and no proof as of yet there was an actual shooting.
Please avoid the area. Do not add to this complicated situation.