Jersey City: Update on Active Shooting – 6 people are dead in this afternoon’s shooting in Jersey City. 1 Police Officer, 3 Civilians and 2 Suspects are dead. 4 Police Officers were shot: 1 passed away from head injuries, 1 has an injury to his shoulder and 2 have shrapnel injuries

A Bomb Disposal Unit is now with the UHaul truck. Inert Pipe Bombs (inert) have been recovered. A suspect has been arrested at the Holland Tunnel.

In addition to the agencies previously mentioned the FBI is also on scene right now.

Schools are will be released one at a time once the bomb squad has cleared the active scene. There are 43 schools in Jersey City – 30,000 Students and 6,000 Teachers

President Trump has been briefed several times about this ongoing situation

The scene and situation are still active

Please stay tuned for further updates