We have been hearing that the subject was picked up by a Lyft / Uber driver in a silver car . According to radio traffic the driver contacted police after he dropped him off at the Union Rail Station. NJSP advised the local and county authorities in that area to be on the lookout for the subject . They also contacted the NEW JERSEY TRANIST Police due to the fact he was at a rail station. Bass River Elementary School was placed on shelter in place due to a suspicious person seen hoping the back fence wearing a brown carhartt sweatshirt. As per their Facebook page they will be having a regular dismissal with a NJSP presence on the grounds and around town . A woman also contacted police about her neighbors shed door being open on their vacant property on munionfield rd . NJSP responded and checked it out to find nothing . Another person on munionfield advised police that a person was seen walking up their driveway , NJSP advised that there was a person walking in the area selling solar panels .

More to come as we get it.