As we look back on a tragic week here at the NJ Shore, we are trying to bring some positive stuff to the website. Therefore- it is time for a fun weekend giveaway! Tonight we are giving TWO prizes to ONE lucky winner! One random lucky winner will receive a Mini Megaphone with Siren and a Jumbo USB Mouse. These gifts are new in boxes and work fully as specified.

First prize is a Jumbo USB Mouse! This is a normal functioning computer mouse with a scroll wheel and two click buttons. It is roughly twice the size of a standard computer mouse. It measures 6.75″ L x 4.25″ W x 2.5″ H. Great for people who have a hard time grabbing a regular mouse.


Second prize is for a Mini Megaphone with Siren. This item amplifies your voice when you talk into it, and it also has a siren built in. Great for yelling at people as you walk or drive, but please don’t use the siren as you drive. You can use it to yell at juveniles who are on your lawn, or neighbors who play crappy music loudly.


Remember: ONE lucky winner will receive BOTH Prizes! To enter- simply comment in this thread, and be sure to LIKE & FOLLOW the Ocean County Scanner News official Facebook Page. OCSN Staff will choose one lucky person out of all the comments.

Good Luck to everyone, and THANK YOU to our 31,000 official fans out there!

The lucky winner MUST meet an OCSN Staff Member during the week at the Quick Chek in Toms River for pickup.