Manchester: Yesterday we reported a possible homicide investigation at the Surf & Stream Campground in town on CR 571. Details are limited due to the responding agencies all utilizing full encryption on their dispatch channels.

Here’s what we do know so far- One suspect was apprehended after attempting to flee in a vehicle. This was for an MOCIB/ BOLO issued shortly after the incident. A quick check of JailBase this morning shows a new inmate in Ocean County Jail booked on murder charges. There are also some assisted charges listed for him to imply John Mullen murdered someone, along with two counts of robbery.

Manchester PD sent out a Nixle alert telling the public there was no threat, but minus all other details. Multiple units from Manchester PD, OCSD & OCPO were all blocking off the entrance to the campground yesterday evening.

As always please note the following disclaimers- This is NOT an official press release by ANY agency involved in the investigation. This is a summary of events and facts known to OCSN as a result of this incident. We will share more as we learn more information today.