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Here’s the open letter Jodi has written:

“On Saturday, Sept. 21st, at approximately 7:30 am, I was on the Spring Lake beach walking back to my car with my dog, Opal, from the Belmar dog area. The water did not look as rough as it did on Thursday and Friday, it was low tide and there were ‘islands’ of sand in the water right where we were.

Opal, who is more like a child to me than a dog, wanted to go in the water. She will not go in, nor will I let her go in if the water is rough. We were at the jetty near the Spring Lake Swim Club. I put Opal’s life vest on and I threw the tennis ball. The first two times, it was like any other time, she went in, got her ball and came out. The third time, she went in and got swept back by a riptide and kept going back toward the back of the jetty.

Big waves were over there and kept hitting into her as she was trying to get back and it seemed like every second another big wave would come and pull her back even more. I was hysterically screaming, “Help, help my dog, please someone help me.”

I saw a surfer behind me and he said he would go and get my dog. He went in but was having trouble and I was hysterically screaming. Some of the surfers already in the water heard me and started going over to help him. There must have been six surfers out there trying to get Opal.

The waves kept coming and I lost sight of Opal.  I saw all the surfers in a line but no Opal. I was beyond hysterical. All of a sudden one of the surfers held Opal up high so I could see her and walked out of the ocean.

(Photo of Opal from Jodi in Freehold)

I was hysterical. All I wanted to do was to rush her to the hospital, so I never got a chance to thank them. I would love to find the surfers so I can thank them and give them a gift for saving my baby.”

Signed Jodi from Freehold.

I have Jodi’s contact info so if anyone can email me those surfers’ info, I will gladly pass it along to Jodi, Just email me: [email protected]

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Read More: Help Find Surfers Who Saved a Dog’s Life so Owner Can Thank Them |