I believe that this year is the year that we are finally going to see major changes on the Lacey Board of Education.

When I first entered this race, I knew that challenging the status quo was going to be a difficult battle, but one worth fighting for our students, staff & residents.

I can’t fight the battle for the future of our district alone. That’s why I have decided to team up with Sonia Marchitello and Sal Armato. Together, with the support of the community, we intend to bring a new direction to our school board.

Sonia is a healthcare professional who has served the residents of Lacey as the school nurse of the Mill Pond Elementary School.
Sal is a community & business leader, who has given so much to our students in his role as a basketball coach and CCD teacher.

I am asking that all of my supporters vote for Sonia, myself and Sal. We will be in rows 1, 4 and 7 respectively. The three of us will be sharing more information on our platform in the coming weeks. I am very excited to be partnering with them.

Gavin Rozzi

As a parent of a special needs child, I firmly know that the future of Ocean Count and America starts with its schools. Positive change must come that puts our children first, and not the pockets of administrators. I firmly feel that as a graduate of the Lacey School System Mr. Rozzi is the person for the job.