ALL OCSN Live Scanner Feeds have been restored as of now. Turns out the command post lost internet for a day mysteriously- and we couldn’t rebroadcast. Anyway, all is well now- so enjoy!

Fans can choose between SEVEN Live Scanner Feeds that cover Ocean County. Instructions are below, and you can begin by going to

1. Open up our website as stated above, and click the “Listen Live” words on a desktop, or the three horizontal lines on a mobile phone.


2. After you click the three horizontal lines, look for listen live and click.


3. When you click “Listen Live” you have your choice of SEVEN Live Scanner Feeds to entertain you. Pay no attention to the ones marked Premium as we have not launched the Premium service yet. All Scanner Feeds are FREE 24/7.


The Live Scanner Feeds are as follows:

1. Ocean County Legacy Feed = Original comprehensive Ocean County scanner feed. This includes everything that is Phase 1 and non-encrypted. Every town that is able to be picked up is located here.

2. NJSP Central Feed = New Jersey State Police Troop C channels are located here.

3. Ocean County Comprehensive Feed = Phase 2 modern feed that covers every town that allows to be picked up. This feed is the most inclusive.

4. Ocean County Fire = Every Fire Station in Ocean County

5. Ocean County Police = Every town that allows scanners to pick up their police departments.

6. Ocean County EMS = Every EMS Squad in Ocean County

7. Barrier Island Feed = This includes Seaside Heights PD, Seaside Park PD, OCSD, OCPO, and soon will have Tri-Boro EMS restored.