Ocean County: In cooperation with Santa’s Elves for Jersey Shore- OCSN is sharing their BTS list. Below is a list of children who need school supplies. It’s coded with a number, and describes what is being requested. Please reply with a child you’d like to adopt, and make Back to School a little easier for a LOCAL family in need this season!

Please consider adopting a child for back to school, and help them get the items they need!

1. Child 1A ?Boy age 11 grade 6 loves color green and would like a fortnite backpack or plain age appropriate child needs backpack, lunch bag, pencils, pens ,white out, erasers, filler paper, spiral notebooks, zipper binder, one inch 3 ring binders, colored pencils, markers, crayons, pencil case, sharpener, highliters, ruler, tape, index cards, folders….. Needs clothing size 14 sweat pants, t shirts, shorts that are t shirt material sneaker and sock size 5 youth. Location Seaside Heights

7. Child 7G ? boy age 10 4th grade favorite color orange likes football and fortnite needs clothes size lg or 14/16 shoe size 4 low income location Seaside

21. Child 21 U ?boy age 8 grade 3 likes fortnite and wrestling needs backpack lunchbox pencils notebooks crayons folders and highlighters location Forked River

26. Child 26Z ?boy age 9 grade 3 likes camouflage and yankees he plays flag football and baseball and likes video games. Needs backpack lunchbox water bottle and basic supplies single mom location Tinton Falls

28. Child 28B ?boy age 10 5th grade likes fortnite favorite color blue needs backpack lunchbox 2 inch binder pencil pouch 5 plastic pocket dividers 1 each blue red green spiral notebooks 1 marble composition notebook earphones and pencils and clothing size 14 location ocean gate

36. Child 36J ?boy age 8 3rd grade backpack lunchbox basic supplies clothes and shoes

Location forked river

41. Child 41O ?boy age 13 grade 7 favorite color orange green and black likes video games needs

backpack folders binders dividers notebooks basic supplies clothes and shoes mom has health problems and broken foot location Ocean Gate

42. Child 42P ?boy age 12 7th grade likes fortnite plants vs zombies favorite color yellow backpack pencils pens markers 3 binders notebooks colored pencils sneakers 6.5/7 size 14/16 clothes mom is unemployed location Bayville

43. Child 43Q ❤girl age 13 8th grade favorite color blue loves the brand pink drawstring backpack colored pencils erasers pencils geometry set needs 4 1.5 inch binders copy paper index cards folders notebooks and clothes location seaside

51. Child 51Y ?boy age 9 4th grade loves blue and green and pokemon and football backpack lunchbox pencils colored pencils crayons markers pencil case highliters clothes size 12 pants lg shirt . mom is main income dad just had transplant surgery mom high risk pregnancy location toms river

53. Child 53A ❤girl age 17 needs clothes jrs med leggings and xl tops low income location Lakehurst

54. Child 54B ?boy age 15 needs size 18/20 kids or mens small joggers

low income location Lakehurst

55. Child 55C ?boy age 12 loves Steph Curry and WWE needs hoodies and joggers size 12

low income location Lakehurst

56. Child 56D ?boy 11 needs mid calf length socks hoodies and joggers size 10 likes fortnite and minecraft

low income location Lakehurst

57. Child 57E ?boy age 7 needs midcalf length socks joggers hoodies and winter shirts size 7/8

low income location Lakehurst

58. Child 58F ❤girl age 11 grade 6 favorite color blue needs backpack 3 three subject notebooksw w/ pockets 20 sheet protectors 5 obe subject notebooks colored pencils pens highlighters dry erase markers pencils 2 sharpies post its ear buds pencil top erasers. Sharpeners colorful index cards single low income mom location little egg harbor

59. Child 59G ❤girl age 5 kindergarten favorite color pink likes JoJo Siwa backpack lunch box basic supplies pants size 7 shoes 12 low income location seaside

60. Child 60H ?boy age 4 pre k likes ryans world on youtube backpack lunchbox basic supplies clothes 4T shoe 11 low income location seaside

61. Child 61 I ❤girl 13 8th grade favorite color green needs 6 1 1/2 inch binders crayons dividers pencils pens glue folders clothes jrs XL shoe 7 low income seaside