Toms River Councilman Mo Hill, the Republican candidate for Mayor, is asking the Township’s Building Department to issue a STOP WORK ORDER at a North Dover construction site.

Hill noticed unsightly construction debris flung around the grounds of a long vacant Old Freehold Road home on Sunday morning while he was out in the neighborhood. On Monday he alerted the Building and Code Departments and returned to the property with a Code Enforcement Officer where he discovered what appear to be multiple violations and work being done beyond the scope of the posted permit.

There is a permit posted for HVAC work and interior alternations. Yet there is obvious work being done to alter the exterior of the home and expand the foundation. There is no dumpster or port-a-john on the property.

“Work should be stopped at the property until the proper permits are issued, and the contractor’s license is verified,” Hill said. “Citations should be issued for any violations and the Zoning Officer should review the plans to determine if any use variances are required.”