An award-winning chef who appeared on the Chopped television show was arrested and charged with selling drugs out of his Bayonne restaurant, authorities said.

Arthur R. Saks, 31, was arrested at his shop, Saks Off Broadway, Thursday night, the culmination of a Bayonne police investigation, Lt. Eric Amato said.

Saks, who appeared on the popular competitive cooking show that pits chefs against one another in 2011, was charged with multiple drug and weapons offenses, including heroin possession and distribution, two counts of unlawful possession of prohibited weapons and weapons possession involving drugs.

During Saks’ arrest, detectives recovered 33 glassine bags of heroin, several items of narcotic paraphernalia used to package drugs, several hypodermic syringes, a knife, an expandable baton, and a .38 caliber revolver at the restaurant.

The restaurant was closed by the city’s Environmental Health Specialist after police found what appeared to be unsanitary conditions of the restaurant. As a result, the restaurant was ordered to cease all operations until further notice.

The eatery, located at Broadway and East 15th Street, served gourmet sandwiches including a “pizza-wich.”