Whether you are swimming in the ocean, a pool, or an illegal Lakewood pool rental- basic safety stays the same. The American Red Cross has made this graphic below to give people basic reminders to keep yourselves safe. Please give it a read, and ensure you and your loved ones don’t drown.

  • Swim in Designated Areas Supervised by Lifeguards
  • Always Swim with a Buddy
  • If you go Boating, Wear a Life Jacket!
  • Install and Use Barriers around your Home Pool or Hot Tub
  • Actively Supervise Children Whenever around the Water
  • Always Stay within Arm’s Reach of Young Children and Avoid Distractions
  • Reach or Throw Aid to Distressed Swimmers- DON’T GO!
  • Keep Toys Not in Use away from the Pool and Out of Sight