Could we see NJ allow testing soon? Are these a good idea to help police; or an invasion of privacy?

Digital license plates are legal in 3 states, with many more testing them – will Pennsylvania be next?

The classic look of a stamped metal license plate really hasn’t changed much over the past 100 years; however, you may soon start seeing the Rplate on Pennsylvania roads.

Reviver, the maker of the Rplate, may soon be replacing that old outdated metal license plate on your vehicle, however it will cost a couple bucks. Currently, the Rplate costs anywhere between $500 and $700 depending on which model you go with plus a monthly data fee ranging between $3 and $7. Additional information is available online at t:

Angela Jacobson, of mWEBB Communications, speaking on behalf of Reviver, said the company is working with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation to conduct a digital license plate pilot program in the state, which would place Rplates on Pennsylvania owned vehicles for testing.

The plates functionality (could) include:

-An ability to display “stolen” on the plate if a vehicle is reported as stolen.

-An ability to display “expired” “uninsured””suspended” “handicapped” on the plate or “not permitted in area” for sex offenders.

-A display on the plate when it has been removed or tampered with, along with SMS, email and app alerts.

-GPS tracking to locate your vehicle and log trips.

-The ability to track mileage and time used.

-The creation of geographic zones alerting when the vehicle exits or enters the “geofencing area.”

-Built-in E-ZPass transponder