Point Pleasant Beach – Beach Diner, a local favorite and a tremendous community supporter was burglarized Friday night.

The vandals/burglars stole a small amount of money from the Diner and broke the Diner’s windows.

According to Point Pleasant Beach resident and Diner owner Elizabeth McLoughlin atleast one individual threw rocks through the windows on the Rt 35 side of the diner, climbed through the window and stole a small amount of money from the till.

According to a post on the Diner’s FB page:

We are very sad and shocked to say that Beach Diner was burglarized sometime in the night last night. If you saw anything or know anything please contact the Point Pleasant Beach Police Department. We are devastated to have had this happen to us as we love being a part of this amazing community. We will post an announcement when we are cleaned up and repaired from this horrible event. Thank you.

The Dinner was able to open late Saturday and in a subsequent post on the Diner’s FB page they write:

We want to thank our Community for all the wonderful support and help this morning. Thank you to the Point Pleasant Beach Police and Ocean County Crime Unit for their work and giving us comfort in knowing that they are working hard for us. A special thank you to Eric Rock and Jaeger Lumber for the supplies and boarding up our window. Most of all our amazing, could never do it without them, staff. We are forever grateful.
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** If you know anything about this crime or criminals that perpetrated the Burglary and Vandalization please call Point Pleasant Beach Police Department @ 732-892-0500