SEASIDE HEIGHTS – All are welcome to the attractions in Seaside, but this is the first season that the borough has instituted requirements that a legal adult be on site.

This goes in several directions. Firstly, hotels on the island will be required by a relatively new ordinance to have at least one 18-year-old physically staying in the room, said Christopher Vaz, the borough administrator. They can’t have a parent sign for them and then leave. There has to be a legal adult who will take responsibility for any illegal activities or damage.

Further, bars and clubs can’t have teen nights where there is “18 to party, 21 to drink.” This was not too common anymore, he said.

Prom season is past, and that was the first test of this, he said.

These regulations further Seaside Heights’ push to market itself as a family-friendly atmosphere.

The borough has been changing rules about how clubs like Karma and Bamboo operate. (Photo by Chris Lundy)

Borough officials clashed with the party promoters when they moved to crack down on some of the illegal revelry. For example, at the club Karma, the restaurant portion of the club announced it would not be returning. Karma announced that it would become a nightclub, with a “hyperglow party” last year. On social media this was described as an ongoing large party of high energy dance music in an ultra violet atmosphere. Police later said there were incidents of drug use and underage drinking.

Another case happened when thousands of people arrived on a private beach. The daylong party had been announced on an Instagram page, and partygoers were charged $8 to attend. The property owner was unaware that this was happening. No permits had been applied for the event, so the borough did not know it was happening until people started showing up in droves. There were reports of public drunkenness, drug use, loud music and a few fights.

Although known for its party atmosphere viewed on the infamous Jersey Shore show, officials and yearlong residents have been promoting the family friendly culture of Seaside. For a list of things to do in Seaside, visit