Just days after the Point Pleasant Beach Republicans for Change Team led by Paul Kanitra asked that regardless of the June 4th Primary outcome that the community come back together for the sake of their town after what has been a contentious Primary Campaign between the team led by Paul Kanitra and the opposing team led by Stephen Reid a mailer sent by the Reid, Toohey and Vogel team which many in the political circle see as committing a cardinal sin by involving a family member in their mailer.

From Point Pleasant Beach Republicans for Change FB Page:

My name is Alora, but most of you know that already from the slightly blurred mailer that was sent out yesterday. My name is easily seen in it and so are most of my features. In the past 24 hours dozens of friends and random strangers have sent me messages ranging from supportive to downright scary. I spent the first half of the day crying that my personal life, including some photos from my private Facebook page was opened up to the entire town without my permission. But then I toughened up and realized that this flyer only helped show everyone what type of Mayor and Council they have. People that could stoop this low are not people who should be running Point Pleasant Beach. While Tom Toohey’s mom, Tom Vogel’s girlfriend and Stephen Reid’s mom and wife have constantly posted negative after negative comment online for the past three months, I’ve always kept silent, because I didn’t feel like my opinion was relevant. I never spoke up when Stephen Reid threatened to ruin my boyfriend’s life. I never spoke up when Reid, Vogel and Toohey tried to rig the Republican Club election against Paul and lost the court case afterwards. I never even spoke up when they were caught in ethics violations hiding their actions from the town and the State of New Jersey. But now it’s my turn to finally speak.

I’d like to point out that most of Paul’s international travel is for business and I even contribute 50% of the costs when I tag along. I’d like to point out that Paul has clients and potential clients all over the world he does business with. I’d like to point out that he’s in a tax payment plan and never shies away from his obligations. I’d like to even point out that some of the photos in the flyer are just from a restaurant in Washington, DC. My boyfriend runs a business that helps people. He works hard every day and fights for those who don’t have a voice. He represents kids arts education, cancer research funding and technologies that save soldiers lives. Anyone in town who has asked him for help, or volunteered alongside him has already seen just how much he gives of himself every single day. Stephen Reid, Tom Toohey and Tom Vogel certainly have. That’s why they’re so scared of Paul. They know just how much support he has. But it still doesn’t give them the right to stoop to this level. Lawyers have told me that I have a fairly strong case against them. But I’m not going to pursue it. I have faith that the voters of this amazing town will send them a strong enough message on June 4th.

** Out of respect for Alora OCSN will not be posting the mailer.