Suspected Drunk Driver crashes into pole on Rt. 88 on May 3rd.

When officer approached vehicle he had asked the driver where he was headed and he said home off of Rt 88 and pointed westward. The officer then asked if he was from Bricktown and he said he lived in Point Boro to which the officer said to driver you are driving in wrong direction. After being advised he was headed in wrong direction he then changed story and said he wasn’t going home he was going for a drive. When the officer asked where he was coming from he mentioned he was driving friends home from Amendment 21 in Point Pleasant Beach. The driver when asked if he had anything to drink he answered two Gin & Tonics. The alleged drunk driver had a BAC .17% more than 2x the legal limit.

*** Last Drink Form was faxed to Division on ABC (Amendment 21 – Point Pleasant Beach)

A detective did make a request to save video evidence