Berkeley: The lone holdout of the Beachwood Plaza was Gerald LaCrosse’s Wunder Weiner located at the front of the property. Almost a year ago on June 11, 2018 a careless driver plowed into the business with LaCrosse working inside it. The owner was hospitalized, and has since been planning to make a comeback to sell hot dogs once again to hungry patrons.

Today, OCSN 21 was able to speak with Gerald LaCrosse in regards to his comeback plans for his business. He stated that he is working on getting a new setup to sell food from, and might be located elsewhere in the local area. If all goes well, the delicious hot dogs will be cooking again in Late September/Early October 2019. This is Wunderful news that Mr. LaCrosse is able to recover and reopen his family business. Please let’s all show our love and support for Gerald when he finally reopens. I know there are plenty of hungry patrons who are anxiously awaiting his return!