New York City: The year was 1971 and WABC-FM was set to change formats on 95.5. The station began playing Album-Oriented Rock (AOR), and changed the call letters to WPLJ. The call letters stood for White Port and Lemon Juice, after a popular song by the Four Deuces in 1955.

Then in 1983 the station would change to a Top-40 format, but the WPLJ calls remained.

95.5 would see a few more changes, but would end up playing Adult Contemporary music for much of the latter existence of the station.

Eventually the station would be sold, and then sold again- but the same WPLJ format remained. In February of 2019 it was announced that EMF entered an agreement to purchase the station and change it to Christian music.

Today the morning hosts announced that May 31, 2019 would be the last day of WPLJ after almost 50 years of broadcasting. The new owners of the station (Educational Media Foundation) will begin playing their Christian-themed format on June 1, 2019.

So for fans of the station, you have about 22 days left to enjoy the music. Then Jesus will find his way into your radio dial.