The Rodrick Team for Mayor is a group conservative candidates that are deeply concerned about the future of Toms River.  Property taxes are already out of control and high density development threatens our quality of life.

In response to residents’ concerns about over-development and rising taxes, the Regular Republican Club – under the leadership of indicted Chairman George Gilmore – has endorsed a slate of unelectable, pro-development candidates with a bad record on taxes.

Mayoral candidate Joe Coronato is a land use attorney who has made a career out of getting developers what they want.  As an attorney, he represented developers in front of both the planning and zoning boards. Mr. Cornato’s work made possible the recent construction of both Riverwood Chase and Cox Cro Crossing, both high density complexes in North Dover.

Coronato is running with John Meehan, a member of the Board of Adjustment that gave out variances, which enabled the high density development in North Dover.  He’s also running with Ginny Rhine a member of the school board with a horrible record on taxes. Since 2014, Ms. Rhine has voted to raise taxes every year that she served on the school board – and recently voted for a $150 Million dollar school construction referendum that will further increase taxes.

The establishment GOP has already given special deals to developers and approved the fourth largest affordable housing obligation in the state of New Jersey – and more is on its way!

Under the direction of indicted Republican Chairman George Gilmore – township officials have already joined in talks with developer Jack Morris and BASF –  the current owner of the Ciba-Geigy property.  Roughly the size of Hoboken, the site has a development potential of over 6000 units.

Out of control development is devastating for taxes, schools and our quality of life.  It cannot continue.  Gilmore’s hand-picked slate, led by Joe Coronato, must be stopped. The future of Toms River depends on it.

Candidate Information:

Councilman Rodrick is a 43 years old science teacher with the Middletown public school system.  He’s been teaching there for 18 years and has a master’s degree in administration.  He and his wife Diana live just off of Indian Hill Rd.  They have two children that both attend Toms River Public Schools. Since being elected in 2017 Councilman Rodrick voted to keep taxes flat and fought to eliminate multi-family zoning. “I’m running for mayor to put a stop to over-development and to stabilize taxes.  I will not approve the development of Ciba-Geigy  and I  have a plan to cut $3 Million from our budget in my first 3 months as mayor.  I can’t do it alone, so I’ve assemble a slate of true conservatives that will support my agenda.”

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Ken Londregin is a Vice Principal in Old Bridge Township and has his Doctorate in Education.  At 40 years old, he’s a life-long resident of Toms River.  He and his wife Divinia live in the Silverton section of town and they have 2 children that also attend Toms River Schools.  “I’m deeply concerned about the potential development of Ciba-Geigi.  Going to school here in Toms River, I personally witnessed classmates and friends develop cancer and other significant ailments that may have been a direct result of the water contamination.  If elected, I will not vote to approve development on the site.”

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George Lobman  is 70 years old and he’s lived in Toms River since 1976.  He and his wife Cindy live in the North Dover section of town and have five children that all attended Toms River public schools.  George is an Engineer and the Director of the Utility and Transportation Contractors Association.  George is running because he feels that, “The establishment GOP’s approval of 2500 units +of high-density housing in North Dover is changing nature of our local community and it cannot continue.”

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Justin Lamb is a 16 year veteran of the Lavallette Police Department and a local Attorney that put himself through law school while working Midnight Shifts.  He lives in the Gilford Park section of Toms River and believes that, “We’re running against a slate of insiders with a bad record on development and taxes.  They were hand-picked by Federally Indicted Chairman, George Gilmore and they’re unelectable. We’re a strong team that can beat the Democrats in November”

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Property taxes are out of control and he local GOP has lost it’s way.  Federally  on property taxes.  The levy rose from $47 Million in 2007 to $83 Million when I first ran in 2017.