Lakewood: Members of the Lakewood Yeshiva Association have reached a tentative deal to purchase Ocean County Scanner News’ Facebook Page and Website for an undisclosed suitcase full of money. Acting Yeshiva Deputy Schlomey says, “This deal gives the under-served residents of Lakewood a new voice in Ocean County. OCSN was chosen due to the popularity and massive reach of fans and followers. This is a new way to spread the joy of Lakewood to Ocean County and the world.”

Current staff will remain throughout the transition phase, and routine scanner calls will continue for a while. Effective 15 April 2019 the page will be used to broadcast all the daily happenings in Lakewood’s Fabulous Yeshivas and other private schools.

This decision is also supported by many local police chiefs who wouldn’t go on record for a comment. Many hinted that they hate the public knowing what is going on, and wish scanners didn’t exist. Nothing is more irritating than the public being nosy and knowing what we are up to every minute of every day. Encryption is the best thing as we legally get to block Freedom of the Press around here. That concept was shared among all the local departments who voluntarily encrypt their radio transmissions to lock out everyone.

The entire staff at Ocean County Scanner News wish to thank everyone for our good run. We would have made it to SIX consecutive years of operation come July 2019. All the fans and followers will be missed, and we cannot thank you enough for the support over the years.

For those of you who know… “Your mom’s box”