Less than 24 hours since Ashley Combs was reported as being safely in the hands of the fine officers at the Toms River Police Department, we are faced with a new mystery connected to the name Combs.

The name Brian Keith Combs showed up on our radar after being alerted to it by a fan of the page. A quick visit to the Ocean County Jail Inmate Lookup Page tells us that Combs was confined on March 28th, 2019 with the charges of  OBSTRUCT ADMINISTRATION OF LAW [2C:29-1A] and INTERF CUSTODY CHILD – CONCEAL [2C:13-4A(1)].

Toms River Police Department have stated they would be releasing a statement on Ashley’s Dissapearance today, and we are hoping this will bring us all the details we have been missing. Stay Tuned to Ocean County Scanner News for more details.