We all have seen the posts and rumors… Trader Joe’s is coming to Brick. First it was in the old Bon-Ton, now it is coming to the old Ethan Allen. What to make of all this? We have even had construction workers message the page and claim they’re building it as we speak.

The demand for more grocery stores in the area is certainly there. Many people are sick of battling crows at Shop-Rites, and other choices are limited. It seems fitting that grocery chains would be lining up to open stores here, but that’s not entirely true. The margins for traditional grocery stores is very thin, and making a profit in NJ is difficult. Plus, the competition is hard as most cannot compete with Shop-Rite and Walmart prices.

We had star reporter Gary Beeg Jr. call Trader Joe’s corporate office today, and they didn’t really have much to say. They specifically said they could not comment on future store locations, but urged us to check their website for updates. As of today, there are NO store openings anywhere in NJ listed. I wouldn’t rule them out, but we think they would be a little more excited to announce a new opening in this area.

Anyway, keep checking the website they say, and we can keep emailing them to urge a store to be built here in Ocean County.

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