We have reached the 24 hour deadline that was given by the Law Offices of Jef Henninger, Esq and Ashley Combs seems to still be missing.

An update on father Rob Nieratko’s original post states that as of 8:30am this morning, Ashley was still missing.

It was in the evening on March 22nd that we first started seeing “chatter” about a missing teen in Tom’s River, but there have been not many detail’s forthcoming from police.

We did manage to get verification that Ashley was listed as a missing person, but not much else.

Jef Henninger, Esq has posted his own update recently in regards to the previous 24 hour deadline.

24 hours ago, I issued an ultimatum on behalf of my clients to the person or persons that have Ashley. The Facebook post reached over 700,000 people. When you add in the radio, TV and internet coverage, at least a few million of people have seen Ashley’s story. Whoever has her clearly heard our ultimatum and they have ignored it. I realize that this was an unorthodox approach but it was necessary to either get her home quickly or to stop some people’s thinking that she is just a runaway and that this is no big deal.

While it is true that the evidence we have leads us to believe that she was not abducted from school, we have no evidence to believe that she had planned to be away from home for an extended period of time. She did not have a change of clothes or much money. We also don’t believe that she’s living on the street somewhere. Someone has her and that person knows that what they are doing is illegal and they don’t care. They are willing to sacrifice their job, their family and their own freedom by keeping Ashley away from her parents, family members, friends, school and a normal teenage life. To those that think she just ran away, ask yourself this: what type of person would risk everything to help a child runaway knowing that everyone is looking for her? Do you think that this person is mentally sound? Do you honestly think she is not in danger?

While the initial thinking was that she was with a friend, I want to remind you that she is a child and her friends do not have their own place to live. All of her friends live with their parents or some other adult. All of her friends have also denied knowing where she is. The police have interviewed a number of friends and family members. The family is hoping that they were all telling the truth because lying to the police is a crime and helping someone hide Ashley is also a crime. So whether she is with a friend or not, the evidence leads us to believe that she is with an adult (or adults) that are much older than she is. As I previously said, this is an adult that can afford their own place to live, job and family and yet, is willing to engage in criminal activity by keeping a child hidden away from her parents and her school.
Ashley cannot stay hidden forever. Someone knows something. Someone lives next door to this person. Someone is going to hear something. Everyone knows this story and what she looks like. If you think you have any information, please do not hesitate to reach out. The family cannot thank all of you enough for the outpouring of support. We will not rest until Ashley is safe at home.

Statement of Jef Henninger, Esq. – Update on Ashley Combs
March 26, 2019
9:00 AM

In a separate post, legal council Jef Henninger, Esq points out that they do NOT know who is hiding Ashley Combs, that there was nothing pending in family court and that they were brought in to handle media inquiries, as well as “help the family navigate the criminal justice system if someone is ultimately prosecuted for their role in Ashley’s disappearance”.

This story is always updating and we at OCSN will strive to keep updating you as we get more information.