Loyal follower and political ally, Councilman Daniel Rodrick has announced the decision to run for mayor of Toms River in the next election. We recently sat down for supper with Councilman Rodrick to hear his ideas and platform to make TR better! Today we share his official press release in regards to the election. It also appears that the regular crooks (TR GOP) have found a new ally in former Prosecutor Joseph Coronato to run him for office. We expect there to be more candidates to be announced soon, but we really think Roderick has some good ideas that are worth sharing.

Please feel free to post your questions here for ways Rodrick plans to improve our city.

Below is an email sent to OCSN from Councilman Daniel Rodrick in reference to his candidacy for Mayor:

Party officials refused to endorse my candidacy, because I refused to support their plan to develop the Ciba-Geigy Superfund Site.

Instead, they chose to endorse land use attorney Joe Coronato, who made a career out of getting developers what they want.

Township officials, under the guidance of Party Chairman George Gilmore, have already initiated talks between Developer Jack Morris and Ciba’s current owner BASF.  See attached email screenshots.

I promised the residents of this community that I would stop over-development.  Now these greedy lunatics want to develop an area the size of Hoboken – on the site of the Toms River Cancer Cluster.

I will not let that happen, which is why I’m running against Joe Coronato in the Republican Primary

It’s highly unethical for the Township to be connecting a single developer with a landowner without putting out a Request for Proposals.  And, it’s even more unethical for the township to connect BASF with a developer in the midst of a tax appeal.

BASF is appealing it’s current tax rate and claiming that an area the size of Hoboken is worth a mere $5 Million dollars.  They’re saying it’s contaminated and that’s why its worth so little.  In the meantime,  why is the administration connecting BASF with a developer?  That doesn’t make much sense to me.  The legal department has led the Council to believe that BASF will be successful in that appeal. We’ve been told that the Township will need to bond $20 Million to pay back BASF.  Considering what was done to this township and it’s residents by Ciba-Geigy, the notion that we owe BASF $20 Million is disgraceful. And, the fact that the administration is connection them with a developer to help them profit after the tax appeal is over is appalling.