What was first called in as possible garage fire on Lake Winnipesaukee Drive, quickly escalated to a working structure fire.

The wife of the homeowner was in the kitchen making food when she saw flame and smoke coming out of the garage door that leads into the house. She managed to run outside quickly and we believe called 911.

According to neighbors the fire started in the garage, and spread to the back porch before engulfing the rest of the house.

Stations 72,71,50 were called in. 71 and 50 for covers and to scene, 70 for one engine and one tanker, to scene.

Cheif asked about New Gretna, as well as coverage for houses and on scene. New Gretna (421) responded with one engine, the assistant chief and chief.

5001 was on hydrant connected to and feeding 7101 and departments laid 5 inch lines connecting 7101 to 7201 which ultimately supplied 7205 (the ladder)

Our own OCSN20 was en-route quickly from New Gretna to find much smoke in the area, and a devastating scene. Dispatch was warning there was ammo exploding in the garage.

All in total, Stations 71,72,50,421,70 and Squad 38 Rehab as well as the Ocean County Fire Marshall’s office were on location.

The fire was eventually under control, with the fire departments just hitting hot spots inside as well as exterior operations and a ladder above.

Our reporter said operations were in overhaul operations when he had to leave. They were tearing down ceilings, siding where they could.

The images we have are of a devastating fire, please understand these are real people’s lives involved.