Toms River: Around Noon today the TR Police Department, Toms River Code Enforcement, Animal Control, Human Services, and other town authorities descended on the Parkway Motel (Formerly the Americana) on NJ 166. It was declared an Uninhabitable Structure, and yellow stickers were placed on all the buildings throughout the property. Residents were allegedly given until 17:00 this day to vacate the premises and find alternate lodging. The motel has been an eyesore and a haven for crime for most of its’ recent existence, and residents are happy to see some action being taken.

Officials on scene who weren’t authorized to speak to the press did indicate that all residents have found places to go, and the motel will not be occupied until the violations are corrected. Toms River PD confirmed the presence of the department at the motel, but did say it was a township code issue and it was NOT a raid or criminal investigation this time.

Toms River Town Code states that an uninhabitable structure reads as follows from the town rules and regulations:

§ 228-7Conditions constituting unfitness. The Township Council and/or Code Enforcement Officer may determine that a building is unfit for human habitation or occupancy or use if they find that conditions exist in such building which are dangerous or injurious to the health or safety of the occupants of such building, the occupants of neighboring buildings or other residents of this municipality; such conditions may include the following (without limiting the generality of the foregoing): defects therein increasing the hazards of fire, accident or other calamities; lack of adequate ventilation, light or sanitary facilities; dilapidation; disrepair; structural defects; uncleanliness and such other conditions as may render the building unfit for human habitation or occupancy or use.

This is a breaking story, and stay with OCSN as we follow along to see what is next for the beleaguered property. Locals know the place is ripe for drugs and prostitution, and it appears the town is standing up to shitty motels in town. Recently, Toms River purchased the horrible Red Carpet Inn downtown and have boarded it up. That motel is facing demolition to make room for additional parking and space for Huddy Park.

Hotel Management did confront an OCSN reporter as we attempted to take photos and conduct interviews and asked us to leave. We were told it is private property and we weren’t welcome.

Update: Toms River Township has released their statement of events:

“Today, the the Toms River Quality of Life Task Force shut down the Parkway Motel, located at 925 Route 166. The Toms River Bureau of Fire Prevention and Township Code Enforcement and Building Department officials deemed the building uninhabitable due to multiple fire and building code violations. The Motel remains closed indefinitely until repairs are complete.”


Human Services were on scene to assist with relocation of displaced residents.


TRPD stands by to ensure peace is kept during the shutdown.



Officials went room-by-room to inform residents of the pending condemnation of the structure.



The motel was recently renamed from the Americana to the Parkway Motel during ongoing construction.


Each room received a yellow sticker indicating the premises were Uninhabitable and the Conditions Constitute


Management, Residents, and Officials are



Animal Control was on standby also