By Gary Beeg Jr

with photo contributions from Lindsey (OCSN02)

Gas prices along Route 37 east and westbound are going up and the state is still locked within the grasp of winter.

Wawa, QuickChek, LukOil, Shell, Sunoco, Exxon and Delta are all corporate run. It is Wawa and QuickChek that are positioned strategically before and after the Thomas A. Mathis Bridge to net tourist’s money.

Prices are set by each corporate entity to stay a penny or two close to the competition.

The price for gas prices rising could be due to the political and social upheaval within Venezuela, the twelfth largest exporter of petroleum in the world as per 2017. This time of year is also when refineries go through routine maintenance. The price of crude oil could also have risen, in addition to taxes in the state.