It was early December, 2018 when the video of a Teen Beating a Raccoon To Death in Lacey Township went viral.  It was December 11th when the media got a hold of it, and it started making the rounds.

While police at the time said that officers from the Lacey Township Police Department as well as officers from the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office and the state Division of Fish and Wildlife were actively investigating they declined to offer any more information other than they had been notified of the video on 3pm Friday December 7th.

We have since been notified by a loyal fan that the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office have decided to close the case without prosecution. As of the time of this article we were unable to verify if this was actually the case or now, however due to the gruesome nature of the video, we felt the need to make this public.

Below you will find the video, we warn you again that it is EXTREMELY graphic and disgusting.


Ocean County residents have banded together to create an online petitionView here