JACKSON – Jackson Police are investigating a series of motor vehicle burglaries and thefts in the Hampshire Hills neighborhood that occurred early Sunday morning, Feb. 3.

Police reported that a 2018 Nissan was stolen from a Churchill Court residence in the early morning. “The owner was unable to locate the key fob for the vehicle and a NJ driver’s license and credit cards were reported to have been left in the vehicle. The vehicle was reported by EZ Pass as going through the Union Toll just after 5 am,” stated Captain Steven Laskiewicz.

Also on Churchill Court, a resident reported having security footage of a male in a hooded sweatshirt attempting to enter vehicles in their driveway. Fortunately, this resident’s vehicles were all locked, police added.

A third Churchill Court incident left a resident’s vehicle broken into and ransacked, however nothing of value was reported stolen, police said.

Two vehicles, a 2011 BMW and a 2016 Ford, were reported stolen from a driveway on Knightsbridge Place. Both vehicles were unlocked, according to police, and the BMW was later found disabled on Route 9 by the Marlboro Police Department.

Also on Knightsbridge Place, another resident reported someone entered their vehicle.

In addition to these reports:

  • Seven residents reported vehicles being entered on Lancaster Way
  • Three residents reported vehicles being entered on Kensington Court
  • Residents reported vehicles being entered on Chiswick Court, Piccadilly Drive, Sussex Place and Victoria Circle.

“It appears that all vehicles which were entered during this time were unlocked and no forced entry was reported, many of the other vehicles entered were ransacked and nothing of value was reported stolen,” stated Laskiewicz.

Some others reported stolen cash from $10 to $30.

Security footage shows three male suspects, all wearing hooded sweatshirts, gloves and winter masks over their faces.

Police remind all residents to remove valuables and lock your vehicles. Suspicious activity should be reported to police headquarters at 732-928-1111 so officers can be dispatched to investigate.

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