Everyone at OCSN is sensitive towards the Opioid Epidemic in America, and specifically the way it is affecting Ocean County, NJ. We have come to realize that as everyone starts off spouting blind statistics, people just push them off as that, blind statistics.

Our critics have said we post the OPRA info because we don’t know how to report the “real” news, but I hate to tell you, this IS the real news.

Every month we collect OPRA information, and release it. It’s publicly available information, with some info redacted by the OPRA guardians of various municipalities. This month they seem to have fucked up and there was some private information that was not redacted. We did not catch it, thank you for letting us know.

We are pulling the current info down off of our website, and working to fix the information before re-releasing it. We are putting safeguards in place so that this doesn’t happen again.

We have recently re-organized our staffing, and are working hard and presenting a more professional image to the public, the overdose posts will stay. We will also be adding monthly recaps of overdose information for each town, to highlight exactly how bad things are. Our goal is to fix the problem and keep Ocean County healthy for generations to come.

We worked hard doing what we could reporting stories about the opioid epidemic, the work the Ocean County Prosecutors Office and Prosecutor Joseph Coronato was doing to combat it. We pledge to continue doing the same with it now being led by Bradley Billhimer.

So to recap, we are sorry, we will work on it, and Ocean County Scanner News (OCSN) is still the number one source of factual breaking news, for Ocean County.