As we continue to build out our comprehensive live-feed service, we announce two additional feeds brought on line today! You can now choose the Ocean County EMS Feed and the Barrier Island North Feed. This is in conjunction with the 4 other existing feeds.

PREMIUM Ocean County EMS Feed: ALL EMS Zones on the OC Trunked System, OC EMS 1, OC Alert, and each individual town’s EMS dispatch channel.

Click for EMS Feed

PREMIUM Barrier Island North Feed: Seaside Heights PD, Seaside Park PD, Seaside Park Beach Patrol, Seaside Heights Beach Patrol & Boardwalk, and Casino Pier Operations.

Click for Barrier Island North Feed

These two new ones join the existing four LIVE Feeds for a comprehensive coverage of all unencrypted channels in Ocean County!

Ocean County Phase 1 Feed: Original comprehensive feed covering all the Phase 1 Analog & Digital Channels in Ocean County.

Click for Phase 1 Feed

Ocean County Phase 2 Feed: NEW Comprehensive feed covering all the Phase 2 Analog & Digital Channels in Ocean County. Also included are the channels off the NJ PSIC 700 MHz System. NJTPD, NJ F&W, NJ DEP, and Howell PD can be found here. JCP&L System is also covered on this feed.

Click for Phase 2 Feed

PREMIUM Ocean County Police Feed: ALL Police Departments that are able to be monitored in the county. This includes analog & digital and all PD Zones off the County Trunked System.

Click for Police Feed

PREMIUM Ocean County Fire Feed: ALL Fire Zones off the OC Trunked System, OC Alert, Firegrounds, and all individual town’s fire dispatch and fireground channels.

Click for Fire Feed

NJSP Troop C Feed: NJSP 800 MHz Troop C Talkgroups that cover the county.

Click for NJSP Troop C Feed

To listen, go to the main website ( and click the “Listen Live” link at the top of the page. Then select the feed you wish to listen to.

*Premium Feeds will have Metadata with a 5-10 second delay only. Premium Feeds will require a username and password with a subscription delay to use in the near future. The Premium Subscriptions will also include a replay service when it goes live!

**ALL FEEDS carry a 30-45 second broadcast delay for officer safety.