TOMS RIVER – He doesn’t want to reveal his name, but will say he’s almost 50, from North Jersey. A husband. A father. A small business owner. And a former cop.

For nearly two decades he served in the public safety field, and when he wouldn’t falsify a report as he alleges his superior instructed him, he was harassed, falsely charged, which a hired attorney proved wrong. He sued and won, and was out of a job.

“No other department would hire a cop who tells on other cops, so I went into business for myself,” he said in an email to Jersey Shore Online.

We’ll call him Police State: New Jersey, after the YouTube channel that’s his, where he posts videos of himself off camera video recording the interior and exterior of government buildings.

It’s a video of him recording the exterior of the Toms River Police Department posted to his channel Jan. 4 that garnered the public’s attention. As of Jan. 9, it’s been viewed nearly 80,000. It received so much attention Toms River Police Chief Mitch Little addressed it on the department’s Facebook page.

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