Hey everyone, many of you noticed we are back. Maybe some of you didn’t notice we were gone.

Due to the recent issues we have been having with the server where we are currently hosted, we will be moving to upgraded server hardware in SSAE16, HIPAA and PCI Compliant data-center. There are multiple power feeds, backup batteries as well as multiple generators with low-latency connectivity to all of NJ and NYC.

This move is being facilitated by our hosts at QnEZ Servers in order to increase our up-time, and speed up our website.

With luck you won’t even notice any difference other than the server stays online, and the page loads a bit quicker, but there is the chance of a short downtime while DNS updates between the servers, or while we are transferring the actual data from server to server.

Our site has grown complex, and is building up a large archive of data we feel the need to retain to help maintain accountability not only for ourselves, but for everyone who we report about.

-Robert E. Plummer/OCSN08