At 13:34 (1:34pm) Today (December 31st, 2018), we reported that there was an “Unknown Hazardous Condition” at the Rite-Aid on the corner of NJ37 west bound and Vaughn in Toms River.

According to a press release from the Toms River Police Department, NJSP Hazmat and Berkley Township HAZMAT Units responded to the Rite-Aid at 1726 Route 37 in reference to a suspicious package. Upon arrival police were informed that a mail package was delivered and opened, and a newspaper was located inside. The employees stated that they had been exposed to an unknown powder like substance from either inside the box or on the newspaper.

Preliminary inspection of the package by responding HAZMAT Units deemed the package to be safe. Two Rite-Aid employees were transported to Community Medical Center as a cautionary measure.

The press release can be viewed below.