JACKSON – The Township Council has introduced a bond ordinance that would, if adopted, appropriate $6.5 million to finance the cost of a new radio system for the Jackson Police Department.

The bond ordinance, which was introduced during the Nov. 27 council meeting, would authorize the issuance of $6.184 million in bonds and notes to finance a portion of the costs. Jackson officials would provide a $325,450 down payment to cover the balance of the appropriation.

The second reading and public hearing for the bond ordinance will be held during the Dec. 18 council meeting.

The improvements authorized by the bond ordinance would consist of the acquisition of a new radio system for the township, including, but not limited to, the construction of two radio towers with radio equipment shelters and emergency generators; the acquisition of infrastructure equipment for an existing third radio tower site; and the purchase of more than 300 mobile and portable radios.

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*Chances are, it will be entirely encrypted as the chief is a jerk.